The Company

A Family Business for over 45 years.

A family, a long love story.

Passion, tradition, expertise..

Founded on March 1, 1976 by a young and ambitious man: Giovanni Boriati who was only 21 years old when he began his entrepreneurial journey.

The business was initially artisanal, located in Isernia, just outside the city centre, but it wasn’t long before it established itself in the growing market. With his solid background as a cheesemaker behind him and his infinite passion for milk processing, Giovanni transformed the artisan business into a modern, avant-garde company.

In 1994, driven by the sector and the Italian economy in general, it moved to the Industrial Area of Carpinone, where the production plant is still located today.

State-of-the-art technologies

at the service of Tradition.

It is precisely at the beginning of the nineties that the identity of Caseificio Molise is defined: an organized, modern and cutting-edge company in technologies that best combines the new plants with the original production process of Fior di Latte, the traditional lactic fermentation one.

The goal is to obtain a product that respects the taste and artisan tradition of Molise on a larger scale, in order to reach the most distant markets. In the first year alone, the company will double its turnover.

Over the years, the production process has never changed, while continuing to invest in technologies and systems to make its products increasingly reliable, constant over time and recognizable.

Giovanni is still at the helm of the company, which today has very different numbers from the past but has always worked with the same passion and competence, every day since 1976.

  • Quality and safety
  • Eyes on the future
  • Tradition always at heart