Lactose-free Boriati

Lactose-free Boriati products have a maximum residual content of 0.01% lactose and for this reason are highly digestible, specific for lactose intolerant subjects but suitable for everyone thanks to their authentic taste.



Boriati has acquired great experience in the production of lactose-free Fior di Latte, whose residual content in each batch is controlled by its own internal laboratory. Lactose is the milk sugar par excellence since it represents about 98% of it, a disaccharide formed by a glucose molecule and a galactose molecule. It is the enzyme lactase that is responsible for breaking down the glucoside bond of the disaccharide in the body. In lactose intolerant subjects, it is difficult to break down this bond and consequently to assimilate lactose, probably due to low concentrations of lactase.

Glucose and galactose play a fundamental role in the development of the human body in the early stages of life: a dose of the first substance, in fact, is precious for providing the correct energy intake, while galactose plays a function of primary importance in the development of the nervous system. Produced by intestinal cells during childhood, the enzyme lactase is progressively reduced in later ages until it disappears in maturity, and in some cases, the person may continue to produce lactase well into adulthood and thus retain the ability to synthesize lactose throughout their lives.