Quality, Trust and Flavour from 1976.

Our products, the Boriati tradition.

Our products come from a long dairy tradition. The innovative production techniques allow us to offer quality and freshness together with safety, high production levels and punctuality in deliveries. Our Fior di Latte, both fresh and for Pizza, the Organic Fior di Latte and our ricotta are produced daily, to guarantee freshness. We have always offered Fior di Latte in many variants of cuts and formats. By listening to the demands of customers and the ever-changing market, we have created a vast and ever-evolving product package.

The consolidated production technologies, guided by tradition, applied daily by our cheesemakers are the guarantee of providing fresh products, with the typical taste of lactic fermentation, originating from Fior di Latte, as it has always been produced in our territory.

Fresh or for pizza, lactose-free or organic, they all have the typical taste and “fibrous” consistency conferred by the traditional spinning process with plunging arms, a typical characteristic which is appreciable during tasting. Fior di Latte Boriati has no added acidifying agents throughout its production process and uses only pasteurized whole milk, salt, rennet and lactic ferments as the ingredients, therefore the acidification of the product is the natural one provided by the spontaneous production of lactic acid through maturation of the product over time, called lactic fermentation.