Fior di Latte for Pizza

Fior di Latte for Pizza is one of our specialties and we are proud of it. Boriati has been one of the leading producers for years and can boast a great deal of experience in the production of Fior di Latte for Pizza. The Boriati product, now consumed in the most important restaurant chains, pizzerias and hotels, is appreciated for its ability to preserve excellent characteristics at high temperatures.
Products designed for all needs, available in numerous ready-to-use formats and cuts… Julienne 4×4, Julienne 4×8, cube 4×4, cube 8×8, Fior di Latte for pizza 100g, 250g and 350g… Products designed for pizzas and bakery products that ensure excellent performance in terms of “meltability” and heat resistance.



For 40 years on your pizzas.

The origin of Pizza is ancient but its diffusion in the modern version dates back to 1800 in the Kingdom of Naples. The rest of the world will have to wait for the first Italian immigrants at the beginning of the 20th century to know and appreciate it. Born as a poor man’s dish, but also appreciated in the living rooms of the bourgeoisie and nobility, pizza spread quickly and to satisfy everyone’s tastes, countless versions were created with infinite ingredients. The only essential ingredient for a good pizza is Fior di Latte and just as there are many types of dough, there are also many versions of Fior di Latte for Pizza. For forty years, Boriati has been creating Fior di Latte for the most famous dish of Italian cuisine, Pizza, with its range of products.

Quantities, formats and packages tailored to meet customer needs:

Each format has its own peculiarities to satisfy all palates. It can be found in 100g, 250g, 350g and 1K loaf vacuum-packed formats or in trays with water, for those who prefer not to give up its touch in the preparation of mozzarella to be placed on pizza. There is also the Julienne format for those who prefer to have it ready-to-use and as a more practical solution.