Technology, Quality
and Safety

Innovation and choice of our raw materials.

Tradition, as always

but combined with Innovation.

In the production plant, certified since 1996, production is carried out daily according to IFS and BRC standards, applying a systematic methodology for the identification, prevention and control of risks related to production. With the internal laboratory, the company checks the acceptance of raw materials and batches of its products in order to monitor the progress of production with a view to continuous improvement, to ensure maximum satisfaction for the end customer.


Hygiene and cleanliness:

In our factory, quality and safety are guaranteed by the highest levels of technology, automation and great attention to compliance with the most stringent health and hygiene standards. The noblest aspect of food quality is related to the procedures of food preparation.


Daily Quality Checks:

We have always carried out scrupulous and careful daily Quality Checks regarding the choice and control of ingredients, primary packaging and continuous investments in the most advanced production processes. Our checks are continuous, to guarantee an absolute quality standard. The quality of our products always comes first.


Choice of raw materials:

Particular attention is paid to the evaluation and validation of suppliers, in particular suppliers of fresh milk who must guarantee the company reliability, so that the milk always complies with the acceptance parameters established by the company to ensure as much as possible food safety, texture and taste to all its fresh products, every day.

We are proud of the trust you have placed in us

for over 45 years.

Systematic Methodology
for Quality Monitoring

In our factory, we comply with all procedures to the letter, starting with HACCP, i.e. the systematic methodology for identifying, preventing and controlling biological, chemical or physical risks that may affect the healthiness of a food. Certified company since 1996.

  • Pre-Operational
  • Post-Operational
  • In-house laboratories